Aging Gracefully: 15 Tips From a Pro (That’s ME!)

Aging.  The mere word makes many women cringe.  Yet, the fact of the matter is that we are all aging and we are meant to do so.  So what gives?  Somewhere along the line, women were sold a bill of goods that says that we have to look like we are 20 years old forever.  Unfortunately, this is neither sustainable nor does it promote a healthy self-image.  You know what else is really weird?  I feel much better about myself, my appearance, and where I am at in my life than I ever did when I was twenty.  I am thirty-five and I do not believe that I am alone; I believe that most women do feel more confident in themselves as they get older.  If only we could harness a way to take how we feel as we age and incorporate it into how we looked when we were just a few years younger.

Aging gracefully is not about injecting yourself with toxins or contemplating invasive surgery (no judgement if this is the route that you choose to take…I simply want to educate you about your alternative options).   It is about embracing where you are in life and making necessary adjustments to your lifestyle, including to your skin care regime.  Graceful aging is about looking the best side of your own age.   And you know what?  Only about 10% of the aging process is thought to be intrinsic!  Guess what that means?  We have a lot more control than we think over about 90% of the aging process!  Having spent eleven years as an esthetician, here is my advice to women of all ages (learn more about me here):

  1. Find an excellent esthetician and an excellent colorist…then NEVER leave them!
  2. Invest in a few REALLY high-quality skin care products (nothing from a department store…professional products)…use them diligently!
  3. Have facials done when you can…they will make you look good, but they will not replace good home care…they are meant to complement home care!
  4. DO NOT SMOKE…smoking will literally destroy your skin!  It breaks down your collagen and elastin causing your skin to sag.  Additionally, it constricts your capillaries which makes your skin look dull and grey.
  5. ALWAYS remove your make-up before going to bed.
  6. Exfoliate at least weekly in order to remove dead cells from the surface of your skin.  This will help to keep your skin looking healthy and bright.
  7. WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN…this is one of the simplest and most effective things that you can do for your skin!!!
  8. Have massages done whenever you can…they are so important for your health!  By encouraging the release of lactic acid from your muscles and the movement of lymphatic fluid your body will be detoxified.
  9. Practice Yoga…it will make you strong, flexible, focused and FABULOUS!
  10. Walk…a lot!  Maintaining your mobility is absolutely essential to aging well.  And…it is FREE!
  11. Eliminate toxic people from your life…immediately, they serve you no good!
  12. Keep up with your doctors/dentist appointments…and FLOSS!
  13. Drink water!  Hydration is vital to all of your body’s systems, PLUS it will continually flush out toxins!
  14. Find your voice…follow your passions and don’t lose sight of your dreams.
  15. Be kind to yourself…if you do not do it, then no one else will.
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