When in New Orleans…Have Your Tarot Cards Read!

One of the many novelties to take advantage of when in New Orleans (pronounced “N’awlins” by the locals) is to have your Tarot Cards read.  Here I am having mine read…there was a very loud jazz band nearby, so I was trying to hear her.  The readings are always interesting, a lot of fun, and usually cost around $20.00. 

The best part was when my psychic “broke the fourth wall” during my reading…she was talking about the spirit when a large gust of wind swept through.  The large umbrella which was shading us came crashing down on top of me, pinning me to the table, at which point my psychic snapped out of character, yelling “Oh s–t!”  It was classic!  We managed to extract the umbrella from my spine, she regained her composure and my reading continued.  It is always an adventure in New Orleans…the place is full of characters, magic, fun and all-around great people!

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