Why Red Lipstick is a Classic!

Some looks are just classics; they never go out of style.  One of these is red lipstick.  Evocative of the 1940’s, red lips instantly up the glamour factor.  Pictured above, you will see me putting a modern-twist on a classic 1940’s look with my soft waves, my strong brows and my dramatic red lips.

The key to pulling off a red lip lies in finding the correct shade for you.  When selecting make-up, I always head to the make-up counters vs. the pharmacy.  True, the counters are more expensive; however, you are able to actually try the color out prior to purchasing it rather than playing a guessing game with the shade.  Additionally, most make-up counters will allow you to make returns if you are dissatisfied.  Ultimately, it is more cost-effective to spend a bit more on a color which you love and will use, than it is to purchase something which winds up not working for you after you actually get to try it out at home.

Personally, I adore Chanel lipstick…while it is a bit pricey at $35.00 a tube, it is definitely worth it (if you have not tried it, do so and you will understand).  MAC also makes a variety of beautiful lipsticks and glosses in bold reds.

***Insider Tip: If you should find yourself in NYC, be sure to visit the AMAZING Adam Shelton Cagle at the Chanel counter in Saks Fifth Avenue for fabulous professional make-up advice…he is the best!

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