Down on the Bayou

If you should ever travel to New Orleans, which I highly recommend, be sure to take a swamp tour; it is truly an experience!  Having been to New Orleans several times now, I have taken more than one trip down to Louisiana’s swamps.  My first swamp tour was taken in an outboard motor boat which travelled through the swamp at a leisurely pace.  It was fun and I learned a lot about the wildlife indigenous to the area.  This past visit, I opted to take a tour with Airboat Adventures…a company that owns over 20,000 acres of swamp land and gives you up-close and personal experiences with some of the swamp’s most famous residents…the alligators!  I took this picture above of an alligator which was probably about 5 feet away from me (I just love the seaweed on his snout)!  This tour was a ton of fun and I really enjoyed it!  The highlight for me came later when I actually held an alligator…

…his name is “Gatorade” and he is two years old!  Even at two, this little darling could easily snap off your finger if you weren’t careful, but I thought that he was a love-puff!  His skin was incredibly soft!  At any rate, the swamp tour is always fun and is not to be missed!  If you enjoy a quieter more slow-paced ride where you can really take in the scenery (which is gorgeous) opt for the outboard motor boat tour.  If you want to fly across the water and get super-close to the gators, take an air boat.  Either way, you will love it!

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