Lighten Up This Spring!

With the spring already here and summer on its way, what better time to “lighten up”?  The warmer months are a GREAT time of year to experiment with blondes and caramels for your hair.  This is also a great time of year to go for softer, less-dramatic make-up and to add bright colors to your wardrobe.  Just a few simple changes to your current style can have a BIG visual impact!  Here are some simple switches that you can make to lighten up your look:


  • Lighten up with some blonde or caramel highlights.  Your colorist will be able to advise you on the best shade for your skin tone.
  • Invest in a pretty hair accessory which you can keep on hand to sweep your hair up off of your neck in the heat.  I am OBSESSED with Medusa’s Heirlooms; so much so that I sell them at Balance Day Spa.  Yes, they are pricey; however, the quality of these French acrylic hair accessories is unquestionable…once you own one of their pieces, you will never want to wear any other brand!


  • Opt for lip glosses over lipsticks…they will appear more natural and less heavy.
  • Blend out your foundation with a damp sponge to achieve a more dewy, translucent look.
  • Choose natural colors…think sandy earth tones, peaches, pinks, etc.


  • Substituting white jeans for blue can be a great look for this time of year!  You can dress them up or down based upon your accessory choices.  Colored Jeans are another great choice which look seasonally on trend; personally I love soft melon colors.
  • Change out your bag…choose a handbag in a bright island-inspired color or a pretty pastel.  Floral Prints can also make for a great color “pop”; right now I am LOVING the new printed garden designs from Tory Burch.  Aren’t in the market for a new bag?  Tie a flowing, brightly colored scarf onto your existing bag.
  • Try a beachy colored flat or a fun sandal.  Nine West has a ton of styles at a multitude of price points to suit nearly every taste!

All in all by making just a few simple (and relatively cost-effective) changes, you can update your look to give yourself a fresh and seasonally appropriate feeling!


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