Annual Ritual: Teeth Whitening

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Each and every single year I subject myself to the hellish ordeal of home teeth whitening.  I say hellish, because it really is a process.  I spend 10 days wearing two sets of Crest White Strips back-to-back every single day…(I should let you know that I have only ever used whitestrips from Crest, so I can’t offer any feedback on other brands).  The time that this requires is honestly the most tedious part of the whole experience for me; I work a lot and I am frequently trying to keep from falling asleep at midnight with my whitestrips on.  Generally, I only really experience any type of dramatic tooth sensitivity for the first day or two…after that it dissipates; the upside to this is that I eat less (bonus)!  So yes, it is a pain to do; however, the product REALLY works well and the results are long-lasting.  Plus, it is oodles cheaper than whitening my teeth with professional trays from the dentist.

This year I chose Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Advanced Seal Professional Effects (choosing the whitestrips with the Advanced Seal is key…they stay in place far better than those without the Advanced Seal feature).   Personally, I always wait for a sale before purchasing my whitestrips as they can be a bit expensive.  I got these on sale for about $53.00 (including tax).

At the end of it all I have a brighter, whiter smile and that makes me feel good.  Long story short…sometimes the annoyance of the process is worth it…as the old saying goes, “You have to suffer to be beautiful!”

Before Crest Whitestrips




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