Be AMAZING (With Minimal Effort)…Grow Your Own Herb Garden!

My Herb Garden

One of My Herb Gardens

You really can’t eat any more locally than home-grown.  If you are looking for a way to improve the health of you and your family then gardening is a must.  Even if you think that you have a “black thumb” there is nothing easier to grow than herbs!  When considering growing any type of vegetable or herb garden, choosing a container garden is always a snap.  “Container Gardens” are just that…gardens grown in containers (you can easily acquire these in any nursery); they are compact and low maintenance.  You may also choose to tuck herbs away into flower gardens.  Herbs can be purchased as small plants and deposited into soil specifically intended for growing vegetables. 

Here’s how to plant and care for your herb garden:

  • Simply fill your containers nearly to the top with soil
  • Dig a hole several inches deep
  • Deposit your herb plant into the hole
  • Pat the soil around the base of the plant
  • Water generously
  • Cover the soil with mulch (this will help to retain the soil’s moisture)
  • Be sure that your plants receive plenty of sunlight
  • Water regularly and weed as needed

Within just a few weeks, you will see your plants begin to grow.  For very little investment and with very little effort you will be able to enjoy delicious fresh herbs all summer long!

*Do be careful to plant creeping varieties (such as mint, which makes a fabulous “mojito” plant) in their own separate container to insure that they do not threaten to overtake your other plants.

At this very moment, I am growing:

  • Chives- the classic compliment to potatoes
  • Rosemary- delicious with chicken and lemon
  • Basil- amazing in tomato and pesto sauces
  • Cilantro- brilliant in guacamole
  • Parsley- great for adding color to any number of dishes

*You will notice, in the photo above, that I have interspersed marigolds throughout my herb garden.  I did this in order to protect my herbs…marigolds are a natural deer deterrent.

All in all, growing your own herbs is super-easy and absolutely nothing from the super-market will ever taste as AMAZING as something fresh picked from your own garden!  Lastly, since container gardens take up very little space you can grow them anywhere, including a driveway (which is where mine is located), a windowsill, a fire escape or a backyard.  Super-easy and super-economical!


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