Vitamins: Healthier Living (on a Budget)!


With so many vitamins to choose from in the aisle of the pharmacy, selecting the correct ones can feel overwhelming at the least.  We all know people who take tons of different vitamins every single day.  In my opinion, if a doctor or a health professional has prescribed a specific course of vitamins for you then you should follow their advice; however, I do not believe that most of us are 100% positive as to each of the specific supplements that our particular body requires.  Therefore, I am not a huge fan of just randomly selecting a multitude of supplements and incorporating them into your daily diet.  Still, it is probably safe to say that most of us are not getting 100% of the vitamins and minerals which our bodies require each day through our diets.  I personally choose to take a daily multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement.  This provides me with a general supplementation designed to fill-in any nutritional gaps.  Many of the major brands do special pricing promotions periodically…I always wait for these.  I just purchased the vitamins above on a buy one, get one free special.  At roughly $24.00/bottle, it is worth waiting for a sale!

***If you are interested in learning what specific vitamin/mineral supplementation your body requires, then you should speak with your doctor or healthcare professional.

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