Weekend Getaways: Summer Fun!


Perhaps it is leftover from childhood, but in my mind summer is all about lazy days stretching out in front of me.  I have visions of going to the pool, taking long walks, and sitting outside enjoying the warm weather and the extended daylight hours. Unfortunately the reality of my summers look absolutely nothing like the fantasy.  My summers are filled with long work days (12+ hours) which allow for very little relaxation, time in the sun, or often even time to stop to eat lunch!  Although I am very happy to have a successful business, at the end of each summer I find myself feeling dissapointed because I feel as if I have not had an opportunity to enjoy it.  And trust me, if you live in the northeast then you are fully aware of just how fleeting the summer months are.  I am certain that I am not alone in how I feel; such is the reality for many adults.  Unless you are a schoolteacher (or have a similar schedule wherin your year is deliniated by summer vacations) the months and ultimately the years just roll together and seem to slip by.  Frankly, it can be depressing.

This summer I have decided that I need to make a change.  Although I may not have anything in the way of large blocks of time to take off, I will carve out what little free time I have and use it to re-balance myself.  I believe that making a committment to take better care of ourselves is one that we should all make.

This weekend, I decided to take a little “me time”.  I called up a friend and we decided to go away for the night.  We ate, we drank, we sat out in the sun, we watched a movie…it was lovely.  You will see me hanging out on the dock (pictured above).  Although we were only gone for 24-hours, I feel very refreshed simply from having gotten a change of scenery.

There are any number of options for planning summer getaways on a multitude of budgets.  Here are a few choices:

  • Be a House Guest/Invite House Guests- this is the obvious choice for an easy weekend away.  If you or your family owns a weekend home then count yourself as very fortunate and share…your friends will be delighted!  If you are in the very lucky position to have friends with a weekend home who do invite you to stay with them, then count your lucky stars!
  • Pay to Stay- you can always choose to rent a home or a hotel room.  House rentals do require advanced planning; however, if you go in with a group of people then you may be able to find some fabulous properties which will work within your price range.  Hotels are a good option for short getaways and often allow for more spontaneity in booking.  Many hotels offer mid-week specials, so you should always do your research in order to secure the best deal.
  • Go Camping- this tried and true method is as economical as can be.  For a very minimal investment, you can take yourself/your family/your friends on an adventure.  Camping trips can be as rugged or as fabulous as you want to make them; my mother and her friends prepared many gourmet meals over the Coleman stove during their college years!  All you need is good food, good wine and good company…plus some basic camping supplies (tent, sleeping bags, cook stove, etc.).

Regardless of your chosen getaway method, the reality is that the act of getting away for any length of time is good for you.  This summer make a committment to carve out a little time for yourself and/or your family to “get the hell out of Dodge”…you will not regret it!

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