Express Yourself!


I love accessories.  Give me designer bags (my favorite), baubles, bangles and beads.  Right now I am LOVING all of the cool creations from Alex and Ani!  Earlier this year, a dear client gifted me a stack of their charm bracelets and they are great!  Here’s why I love them:

  1. Their huge selection of styles allows you to express yourself in a highly stylish and personalized way (each bracelet comes with an accompanying card which explains its meaning).
  2. All of Alex and Ani’s pieces are infused with positive energy.
  3. Alex and Ani’s pieces are 100% MADE IN AMERICA from sustainable materials and are manufactured using eco-friendly processes (LOVE THAT)!
  4. Alex and Ani is committed to corporate consciousness which includes: supporting the environment, local economy and creating a work culture where their employees feel valued.  Who doesn’t LOVE a company that is trying to do all that?!

Today I am wearing the following bracelets (check me out in the photo below):

  • Anchor- Hope.  Tranquility.  Stability.
  • Queen’s Crown- Divine Right.  Queenship.  Power.
  • Lotus Peace Petals- Illumination.  Beauty.  Resilience.
  • Beaded Bracelet- Positivity.


My bracelets say a lot about me and where I am at this point in my life.  What will your’s say about you?

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