Threading: A GREAT Alternative to Facial Waxing!


Waxing is a highly effective means of removing hair at the root in order to achieve smooth skin and to slow regrowth; learn more about waxing here.  As I have stated in the past, I am a waxer; however, due to the reactive nature of my skin, I am unable to do facial waxing.  For years I experienced issues with breaking out following facial waxing.  Whether I waxed myself or another practitioner waxed me, it did not matter; regardless of the type of wax used, the results were the same…particularly on my upper-lip which would break out in an unsightly manner.

I tried to seek out alternative facial hair removal methods.  Depilatory creams proved problematic for me, as they had a tendency to burn my skin.  Plucking was not a feasible option for keeping up with all of the little hairs.  I did try electrolysis (which I LOVE); however, although it has proved AMAZING for other areas, it was ultimately too harsh for my face…my electrologist actually called it quits after several sessions (my capillaries were breaking)!  I was at a total loss.  My remaining options were either to go through life looking like “Magnum, P.I.” or else to try the only option that I hadn’t previously tried…threading.  Deciding that Tom Selleck probably looked sexier with a mustache than I did, I decided to put my money on threading.

Threading proved to be a GREAT alternative to waxing!  A Middle-Eastern technique, threading involves the practitioner holding a long piece of thread in a complex configuration (something akin to Cat’s Cradle) and scraping it across the skin.  In doing so the thread catches on to each individual hair and rips it out at the root.  Threading is typically offered only for the facial area.  It works well for people with ultra-sensitive skin because, unlike with waxing, there is nothing pulling on your actual skin…there is just the thread scraping across.  Does it hurt?  You bet!  Although, as with anything else, the skill level of the practitioner plays a large role in the speed, effectiveness and overall discomfort level of the service…you had best be forewarned that threading does not tickle.  It feels sort of like what I would imagine a knife being scraped across your skin would feel like.

Still, the results are long-lasting (I see my practitioner approximately every two weeks), the fee is nominal (I pay just $5.00 to have my upper-lip threaded in Manhattan!), it is eco-friendly (all the service requires is a fresh length of thread), and it works.  Best of all?  My skin doesn’t stay red for long following threading and I don’t break out!  If you have issues with facial waxing, then it is absolutely worth giving threading a try.

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