Back on the Wagon: Diet Edition!

Courtesey of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Okay, so it is time for a confession.  I got a little lax with my diet this summer.  By lax I mean to say that I took off the entire month of July…ooops.  I knew that I had put on some weight, but I was shocked to find that I had actually gained 4 pounds…in a month.  Apparently eating whatever I feel like for an extended period of time isn’t working for me anymore.  The upshot is that it is now a new month and I am going to stop my slide into unhealthy eating habits while I am only 4 or 5 pounds off of the mark.

Personally I like to follow Weight Watchers.  Not only does the program allow me to eat any and all real foods, but it also helps me to stick to appropriate portion-sizes.  The primary benefit of Weight Watchers is that it holds me accountable…which I need in order to stay on track.  The program’s basic mantra?  Ultimately, no matter how far any of us deviate from eating well, we can always choose to begin again and to set things right.  Very true.  Here are a few tips for getting back on the wagon:

  1. Just do it!  Don’t wait around for after Halloween or your New Year’s resolution…just make up your mind to do it now.  Sure, you may have events coming up where you will want to eat a lot of tempting foods.  That does not mean that you can’t start your diet yet.  You need to change your mindset from thinking that you’ve “blown” your diet just because you had an indulgent day.  The reality is that if you normally watch your diet, then one indulgent day is not going to ruin you.  Besides, there will always be some excuse on the horizon for why it isn’t a good time to begin watching what you eat.  At the end of the day, excuses hold you back from achieving your goals.  Just do it!
  2. Get support!  Whether you choose to join Weight Watchers, to diet with a friend or to purchase a fitness app, be sure to surround yourself with support…it will aid you in achieving  success.
  3. Be prepared!  Don’t get caught starving with nothing but ice cream and doughnuts in the house!  Prepare yourself for your healthier lifestyle by stocking up on fresh fruits, veggies and lean proteins.  Also be sure to pick up some healthier snacking options (i.e.- hummus, almonds, baked chips, low-fat popcorn, yogurt, etc.).
  4. Pack your lunch!  This is one of the best ways to both control your diet and to save money.  If you only eat what you bring then you will stay in control.  Don’t forget to pack a healthy snack.
  5.  Don’t go too hardcore!  Don’t restrict yourself to the point where you are miserable because you will not be able to stick to your plan long-term.  Allow yourself to indulge.  Just be mindful of your portion size.  Remember…you really can eat whatever you want to…you just can’t eat it all at once.

So today was actually my third day back on the plan.  Here is what I ate:


  • 1 slice whole wheat toast with peanut butter
  • fresh cantaloupe
  • Starbucks’ Tall Caramel Macchiato (made with skim milk)


  • 1 cup angel hair pasta with broccoli tossed with a little garlic and olive oil
  • grapes


  • 2 small burritos (small flour tortillas, 3 oz. beef, a sprinkle of monterey jack cheese)


  • Weight Watchers’ Chili Lime Multigrain Crisps (1 packet)
  • Small glass of Diet Coke (so bad…and yet so good)

*Of course what I primarily drink, all day long, is H2O.

***Tomorrow I want to aim to include some more vegetables!


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