Need More Exercise? Channel Your Inner-Child!


As children, most of us were physically fit.  Just think about the amount of time that we spent running around…be it via play, sports, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, etc., we were an active bunch!

As adults, many of us become more sedentary.  Finding the time to exercise can be a real pain in the neck.  As children, we did not schedule in time for working out…we just had a lot of energy to burn and therefore we were always on the move.  If exercising feels like a drag, channel your inner-child!  Do things that are fun and active.  Here are some ideas (many of which are free or can be partaken in for a nominal fee via your local Parks and Recreation offerings):

  • Go paddle-boating (see me paddle-boating above)
  • Go canoeing/kayaking
  • Go take a hike (read all about it here)
  • Go for a swim
  • Take a dance class
  • Learn martial arts
  • Join an exercise class (Lululemon stores offer FREE Yoga classes on the weekends…see me teaching one here)
  • Join an adult sports league (this can be a GREAT way to meet people)
  • Go horseback riding
  • Take a walking tour of your city (super-fun versions of this include “pub-crawls”)
  • Go ice-skating/skiing
  • Volunteer to walk dogs for your local animal shelter
  • Take your pets out for a walk/run (they LOVE fitness too!)
  • Be creative…brainstorm for NEW ways to get fit!

The bottom line is that working out doesn’t necessarily need to be a formal affair.  By reverting back to your childhood and simply being active in your activities you will be amazed at how much you can improve your fitness, your health and your social life!

***One last thing:

Unfortunately today many children have been allowed to become far more sedentary than we were just a generation ago.  The result is an increased population of inactive and unhealthy kids.  Personally I believe that this is largely the fault of the parents.  Whether or not anyone likes to hear it, the fact is that a generation of unhealthy children will grow into a generation of highly unhealthy adults; they will suffer from health complications and shortened life spans.  Be a role model…spend time with your kids by partaking in healthy activities with them.  Children are highly adaptable…they will adopt whatever is status quo in their home.  If you lead an active and healthy lifestyle, then your children will too!




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