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Hi, I’m Allison!  I believe that every woman should be equipped with the tools to be the very best version of herself and ultimately to lead her most fabulous life!  ‘Brains, Beauty and Balance’ is all about empowering women to be able to do just that.

So what do I know?  Well, I am a licensed esthetician and the owner of Balance Day Spa in New York.  My journey to this point has been a long one.  After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Theater from the University of Albany, I went on to study esthetics.  In January of 2003, I graduated from the Institute of Aesthetic Arts and Sciences in Connecticut.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to further my esthetics education by training under some of the most well-recognized and respected names in the industry.  I have studied make-up under famed make-up artist Linda Meredith of Linda Meredith Beauty Clinic in London, England.  Additionally, I have studied aromatherapy under aromatherapist and doctor of homeopathy Trish Green.  Recently, I have spent time studying the Traditional Chinese Medicine technique of Gua Sha for facial and neck rejuvenation with renowned doctor of Oriental Medicine Ping Zhang. Along the way, I also became a Registered Yoga Teacher recognized by the Yoga Alliance.  Oh yeah…and I sing!

Long story short, over the years I have been afforded the opportunity to do amazing things and to work with amazing people from all walks of life, ranging from professionals to homemakers to models and celebrities.  Recently I have found myself focusing on the quote, “All that is not given is lost.”  I have begun to wonder…what happens if you don’t have access to a great esthetician?  Does that mean you should be denied access to great skin care advice?  What if you want to fufill your potential but just aren’t sure where to begin?  What if you simply want to be armed with the know-how to be your most fabulous self?  Enter ‘Brains, Beauty and Balance…Every Woman’s Guide to a FABULOUS Life!’