Facial Acupuncture (A.K.A.- The ONLY Way I Want to Put Needles in My Face)!


facial accupunctureOkay, so I know that it has been awhile since my last post…sorry!  The truth is that I have been really, really busy with work and such and I just have not had the energy to write much in my spare time (you know how it goes).  At any rate, I have been partaking in a fabulous anti-aging ritual over the past few months and I just have to share!  This fall I began having regular facial acupuncture and Gua Sha treatments (you can learn more about Gua Sha here). 
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Jack-O-Lanterns and Goblins Galore!

pumpkin tunnel

This year I decided to check out something different for Halloween Weekend…and I am sure glad that I did!  I attended an AMAZING event called ‘The Great Pumpkin Blaze’!  As you can clearly see from the photos this was no small event…it was, in fact, nothing short of stunning.  I cannot even begin to imagine how many pumpkins were actually used in the blaze (which took at least 45 minutes to stroll through); however, it had to be in the tens-of-thousands!  Also amazing to me (and many of my fellow pumpkin viewers) was the fact that most of the pumpkins were lit by actual burning candles!  It must have taken half of the day just to light them all!  Every picture that you will see in this post is made up of the most beautifully carved pumpkins…check it out!
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Ask the Esthetician: Caring for Your Skin in the Cooler Months

spa uniform

As a professional esthetician and spa owner, one of the biggest concerns which I hear from clients is how to properly care for their skin in the cooler months.  I can absolutely offer some practical advice, but first it is important to explain a few things about the skin.  It is important to understand that there are three primary types of skin: Dry, Normal and Oily.  Dry Skin is characterized by a under active sebaceous (oil-producing) gland, Normal Skin is well-balanced and is ideal, Oily Skin is characterized by an over-active sebaceous-gland.  Most people tend to fall somewhere in-between, that is to say Normal-to-Dry or Normal-to-Oily; true “Combination” Skin is something which I have very rarely encountered in my practice.  Beyond your skin type, an esthetician may analyze a skin condition (i.e.- acne, dehydration, etc.).  Your skin type is genetically pre-determined.  Understand that any skin type can be affected, at any time, with any skin condition.
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How Not To Go Broke This Holiday Season!

holiday stress

Holiday season?!  Already?!  It is only October…I know.  Still, I have some advice to share pertaining to how not to go broke this holiday season…and it requires planning ahead.  Each year as the holidays roll around many of us feel a financial strain.  Unfortunately our credit card bills are often “the gift that keeps on giving” long after the holiday season has passed.  Today I am going to share my holiday tips and tricks with you:
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Fall Must Have: Leopard Flats!


Okay, so perhaps I have seen too many episodes of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ and ‘Mob Wives’, but this fall I felt that I just needed a fun pair of flats…specifically leopard-print flats!  I found these in DSW for just $59.00 and I couldn’t resist!  Go ahead…give your fall wardrobe a little pop with some fun flats!

Fall Is Here…Time for an Outdoor Makeover!!!

fall1It is difficult to believe that Autumn has arrived!  I love the fall, I really do…it is so crisp and pretty.  It would be a nearly perfect season if only it did not precipitate the winter!  Oh well…nothing is perfect in life.  It is always amazing to me how things that look perfect at one point in the year instantly look out-of-place once their season has passed (sort of like Thanksgiving decorations in December).  Such is definitely the case with summer flowers.  The same flowers which were just glorious only a month ago now begin to look overgrown and ratty.  When this happens, it is time to make way for your fall plantings.  Here are some tips:
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In Memoriam



United We Stand.

One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

In Memory of Those Who Lost Their Lives on September 11, 2001.

We Will NEVER Forget.

May God Bless America.  Let Freedom Ring!

Need More Exercise? Channel Your Inner-Child!


As children, most of us were physically fit.  Just think about the amount of time that we spent running around…be it via play, sports, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, etc., we were an active bunch!

As adults, many of us become more sedentary.  Finding the time to exercise can be a real pain in the neck.  As children, we did not schedule in time for working out…we just had a lot of energy to burn and therefore we were always on the move.  If exercising feels like a drag, channel your inner-child!  Do things that are fun and active.  Here are some ideas (many of which are free or can be partaken in for a nominal fee via your local Parks and Recreation offerings):
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Quotes We LOVE!!!

joan quote

A very funny quote from an amazing lady! Joan you were talented, funny and hard-working right until the end. Thanks for all of the laughs and for showing us all how GREAT 81 can look! XOXO!!! You will be sorely missed.

As Summer Draws to an End…How to Cope

beach sunset

Summer is ending.  I can’t believe it.  Just today I realized that the summer flowers were all either dead or dying; they will need to be dug up and replaced with hardy mums and flowering cabbages over the weekend.  I love the fall…it is pretty, the air is crisp and it is the perfect time for baking lovely, spicy things.  Unfortunately, the downside of the fall is that it precedes the winter.  If you live in the northeast (or the north anywhere, for that matter) the thought of facing yet another winter may very well make you want to hibernate.  Having survived last year’s wintry hell, this year I have decided to be 100% proactive.  As far as I am concerned although everything may seem dark, cold and dead in the winter, our hope should not be destroyed as well.  In order to give myself something to look forward to I have already booked a trip to a southern destination!  Last year I fled to New Orleans in the early spring and I cannot tell you what it did to buoy my spirits.  I highly recommend planning a little getaway for yourself.  Here are a few planning tips:
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