Jack-O-Lanterns and Goblins Galore!

pumpkin tunnel

This year I decided to check out something different for Halloween Weekend…and I am sure glad that I did!  I attended an AMAZING event called ‘The Great Pumpkin Blaze’!  As you can clearly see from the photos this was no small event…it was, in fact, nothing short of stunning.  I cannot even begin to imagine how many pumpkins were actually used in the blaze (which took at least 45 minutes to stroll through); however, it had to be in the tens-of-thousands!  Also amazing to me (and many of my fellow pumpkin viewers) was the fact that most of the pumpkins were lit by actual burning candles!  It must have taken half of the day just to light them all!  Every picture that you will see in this post is made up of the most beautifully carved pumpkins…check it out!
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Looking for Something Different? Try a Cooking Class!


Looking for something fun and new to try?  I would recommend trying out a cooking class at Sur La Table!  I did it for the first time this past weekend and it was both fun and informative.  With more than 50 locations in 22 states, Sur La Table is more than just an inspirational store for cooks…it is also a place to learn new recipes and skills through the wide array of cooking classes offered (they even offer summer camps)!  Current class offerings are as varied as: Mediterranean Dinner Party, Summer Macarons, Delicious Thai Cooking and Date Night: Summer in Provence; there really is an offering for everyone!  The classes, which are led by a professional chef, typically last for approximately 2 hours and cost less than $100 per person.
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