Fall Is Here…Time for an Outdoor Makeover!!!

fall1It is difficult to believe that Autumn has arrived!  I love the fall, I really do…it is so crisp and pretty.  It would be a nearly perfect season if only it did not precipitate the winter!  Oh well…nothing is perfect in life.  It is always amazing to me how things that look perfect at one point in the year instantly look out-of-place once their season has passed (sort of like Thanksgiving decorations in December).  Such is definitely the case with summer flowers.  The same flowers which were just glorious only a month ago now begin to look overgrown and ratty.  When this happens, it is time to make way for your fall plantings.  Here are some tips:
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How to Create the Perfect Boudoir!


When it comes to re-decorating, bedrooms are amongst the easier rooms to makeover.  Kitchens and bathrooms often require gutting, while living rooms and dining rooms often require large furniture purchases.  Bedrooms generally need a fresh coat of paint and some deliciously rich-looking fabrics to look great!  Your boudoir should be your sanctuary and should express you and your style.  Here are some tips for creating your perfect boudoir:
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Weekend Project? Plant a Spring Garden!

Looking for a fun weekend project?  Planting a spring garden will not only beautify your home, but it will brighten your mood and help the environment too!  Although nights are still chilly here in New York, the days are definitely warming up.  Having a successful spring garden is all about selecting the appropriate plants for your current climate.  With the temperature fluctuations in the northeast at this time of year it is best to look for a hardy species.  Pansies (pictured above) are a great choice because they appear bright and pretty yet they are able to withstand cool evenings.  Another great choice is the pansies’ miniature cousin…the viola.  Your garden can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be.  As you can see above, I have planted a simple container garden.  This morning I was lucky enough to find an AMAZING deal…my local nursery was selling mini-flats (4 plants each) for $1.99.  I bought 10 flats, which yielded me 40 plants for $20.00!  I was able to plant several small gardens this afternoon for my extremely minimal investment.  Now my home looks bright and cheerful.
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Learn to Love Your Closet Space!


If you are anything like me, then you have probably salivated over the “closets” of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  If you have never seen their closets, then allow me to explain…they are usually larger than your average NYC apartment.  Sigh.  To add to that, these closets are fully equipped with center  accessory islands, vanities, and more shoe-storage space than Neiman Marcus.  And, of course, they are packed with beautiful things.  It is simply amazing.  I am always brought back down to the “Real Life of Allison” when I open my own closet…slightly less impressive.  Huh. Continue reading